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     Jiangsu Sainty Corp., Ltd. is a clothing trade enterprise which integrates design, sample making, R&D, production and shipment of fabrics and accessories, forming a whole industrial chain. Founded in 1979, the Company was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2000. In 2010, the Company was incorporated into JSGX Jiangsu Guoxin Investment Group Limited with Jiangsu Sainty International Group. JSGX Jiangsu Guoxin Investment Group Limited, a large state-owned enterprise group, is the only provincial state-owned capital investment operation pilot unit in Jiangsu Province, and has always relied on function and resource advantages, forming five major business sectors of energy, finance, real estate, trade, social undertakings. With more than CNY one hundred billion assets, Guoxin Investment Group realizes the organic combination and coordinated development of industrial capital and financial capital.

     Over the past 40 years, the Company has developed steadily, and now owns thirteen wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries directly or indirectly. The business scope covers many fields such as import and export trade, domestic trade, clothing production, chemical storage, equity investment, etc. The products are exported to nearly one hundred countries and regions, including the United States, the European Union, and Canada. By the end of 2019, the registered capital, total assets and net assets of the Company were CNY 437 million, CNY 5.174 billion, and CNY 2.484 billion respectively. In 2019, the annual sales revenue, total profit and total export-import volume were CNY 4.622 billion, CNY 405 million and USD 592 million respectively. 

     Equipped with the mature globalized industrial chains, Jiangsu Sainty implements the seamless connection of the whole process, from clothing design to sample making, from production to delivery. The powerful professional team provides 24-hour services regarding the order tracking, production schedule and quality to help customers solve the problems, grasp the business opportunities by virtue of expeditious response and premium products, thus receiving the recognition from consumers.

     In Jiangsu Sainty, there is a strong production capacity basis. Our profession and high efficiency rely on the persistent exploration. In addition, there are advanced automatic production equipment and experienced professional workers. We also establish the production bases in Southeast Asia regions like Bangladesh, Cambodia by perfecting global professional labor division system. The professional order supervisor and quality control teams are assigned to ensure the superior quality. Besides, the Company built an integrated construction platform from design and development to sample making and production, which further expands the service scope, and realizes the full industrial chain from design to shipment, thus eliminating customers' worries.

     As a state holding listed company, Jiangsu Sainty Corp., Ltd. is liable for and dedicated to providing valuable services to foreign and domestic customers. We look forward to establishing good cooperative relations with you and seeking development together for a promising future! 
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